Auguries of Innocence, Pt. II

A look into an essence of an object - and transforming that object, while still keeping a hold of it's essence.

An essence could be that which is most prevalent in the object - in this case, the most repeated words.
Starting with the obvious can seem like the wrong way to go, and can trivialize the matter, but it's still an interesting experiment to see how 'obvious' it would be in determining the essence of the poem.
The simple and minimalistic cover makes anticipating the interior unlikely, and the complexity of the
interior mirrors the interweaving of the metaphors Blake uses in the text.
It is quick and easy to understand the main themes of the book, and the delicate nature of the pages, while making it an interesting experience to flip through, also highlights the nature of the poem.
I choose words which had been repeated at least 3 times - without including conjunctions, since they don’t bring out the character/essence of the book.
The blank rectangles represent a line of text, and the each column represents what line of text would be layered under the previous column, etc.
I decided to go with the four column scheme because it layers the rhyming couplets the most.
I hope you enjoyed looking at this project coming together!
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