Don't be naive; be Innocent

Targeting young urban professionals on the go, letting them know just how easy it is to be healthy by drinking Innocent smoothies.

The brief was to create one print ad,
radio spot and something involving digital media (WIP!)
- aimed at young urban professionals; here's what I came up with.
The emphasis in this concept is on how easy it is to get fruit (and its fruity benefits)
from just one small single serve bottle of Innocent smoothie.
Being 'Innocent' over naive broaches the topic of just how easy it is to be healthy,
without having to take any time out of your day, because Innocent's already done it for you.
Young professionals are always proving to others that they aren't as gullible
and unprepared as others might think.
Young people that are health conscious and trying to eat healthily,
will be reminded of all that goes into just one smoothie and how, even with little time,
energy and money, they can do the right thing.
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