Water, Water, Everywhere

A campaign to raise awareness of water consumption.

This project is a campaign to help people understand the value of water in their everyday lives;
most people in London have never even experienced a water shortage,
so how can we get the point across?
The logo of the campaign - ever changing.
The solution is 'A day without water" - an interactive campaign, with one simple aim:
Getting people to become aware of their water usage habits.
By getting everyone involved in trying to avoid water for just one day - we think will be an eye opening experience for people everywhere.
The research and reasoning that informed the direction of the campaign.
A downloadable 'Toolkit' PDF would be featured on the website,
to help people set up their own stands for awareness of the campaign and the day itself.
The toolkit includes flags for bunting (pictured above), information and pledge cards and stickers (shown below)
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